Ian Belsey - Artist

Ian became interested in art at a very young age, and showed an aptitude for drawing and painting which was well in advance of his years.

At secondary school he had the good fortune to be tutored by Owen Frampton, an inspirational and adept Commercial Artist who trained Ian in all aspects of Graphic & Commercial Art, specialising in Stage Design, which, after taking his Art and Art History ‘A’ level examinations, gained him two scholarships to art college, as well as a brief period of study in Florence, studying the art of the Renaissance. Ian decided not to pursue the art scholarships, but take a place at music college.

Having had a successful career in theatre for many years, Ian returned to painting at the request of a colleague who asked for a portrait. Since then, Ian has been painting to commission and has had a number of exhibitions. He is currently working to his next which takes place in January  2018 where a number of new works as well as paintings from his back catalogue will be on display. 

Feel free to have a browse through images of the back catalogue. 

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